Bizarre GTA Online Clip Shows Dead NPC Stuck On Airplane Wing

A Grand Theft Auto player captures the moment a dead NPC is stuck on the wing of his plane as it flies into Cayo Perico for a heist.

From the beginning Grand Theft Auto titles, weird things happened and it’s no different with grand theft auto onlinewhich shares much of the same map, weapons and mechanics as GTA 5. A grand theft auto online player captured the bizarre event in which an NPC is stuck on the wing of his plane.

Vehicles have been a staple in the Grand Theft Auto titles since their inception, and there are many ways GTA fans can cross the grand theft auto online map, including with planes. unlike others Grand Theft Auto securities, GTA online is regularly updated with new content and occasional additions to this vehicle roster, which appropriately expands the transportation options available to dedicated players. Reddit user Luethifers_life recently shared a clip of his exploration of the Los Santos landscape using one of the aforementioned planes, with a seemingly glitchy NPC leaning back on the wing.


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Luethifers_life’s grand theft auto online The clip begins with the player briefly ascending into the sky in a plane before diving in a way that should have pulled the NPC stuck on the wing towards the ground. As the lifeless eyes of the NPCs stare into the cockpit, the player takes a sharp turn before flying straight up and resorting to first-person view to ignore the stowaway. On the way to the GTA online location of Cayo Perico for a mission, Luethifers_life levels the plane facing a beach and once more turns to the left before turning back to the wing of the plane to see that the NPC is still there.

The NPC is unshakable as Luethifers_life flies straight again, eventually making a full circle with the small plane, which still fails to shake the character who should have fallen from the sky at the time. The clip for Luethifers_life ends with the player returning to the standard third-person view to continue their mission after being unable to remove the extra character who appears unresponsive to the gravity of their plane. It is not yet clear what caused this NPC to react to the game mechanics in such a way, but this NPC is far from the first in GTA online acting suspiciously.

Although Luethifers_life was never able to shake the NPC in his video, the GTA online The player confirmed he fell before reaching Cayo Perico, much to the chagrin of some Reddit users who responded to the clip. While many comments referred to El Rubio, the victim of the Cayo Perico heist, and the regular missions to rob him, others suggested that this grand theft auto online the character was simply trying to hitchhike through town.

grand theft auto online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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