Are you looking for a new aircraft? AI Evaluator lets you search for free — General Aviation News

Aircraft searcha provider of AI-powered aircraft ratings, has opened up a portion of its database to the entire general aviation community for free use.

Based on nearly 50,000 historical listings, Aircraft Lookup has created a proprietary AI evaluator that considers over 1,000 factors, ranging from an aircraft’s engine/airframe time to avionics and check-in and accident history, according to company officials.

The searchable database also merges flight log data, FAA record history, NTSB records and tracks price changes for each listing in major industry markets, officials noted.

In operation since 2018, Aircraft Lookup has generated over 3 million market insights for subscribers. It also analyzed nearly 50,000 aircraft listings and recorded $5.4 million in daily price adjustments across hundreds of listings on an average day, company officials said.

Aircraft research tools have also provided the basis for market research, such as a largely correct prediction that general aviation prices would jump 20% from 2021 to 2022, as well as peak price statement in May 2022 – and prices have plateaued since then, company officials said. Additionally, the data set allowed an index for tracking how much more expensive aviation has becomethey said.

Aircraft Lookup is available to any member of the public at