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The emergency occurred on a flight from Leonard M. Thompson International Airport in the Bahamas to Florida on Tuesday afternoon (May 10). An audio recording of the dire situation has been released following the incident in which an unknown passenger can be heard calling for help over the radio.

Addressing air traffic controllers, the passenger said: ‘I have a serious situation here.

“My driver has become inconsistent.

“I have no idea how to fly the plane.”

Reporting the news, local WPBF network 25 News attached dramatic footage of the small plane landing remarkably safely at the airport.

ABC News, which first obtained the audio recording of the incident, said the plane was a Cessna 208 Caravan turboprop.

Shaken air traffic controllers can be heard saying, “Keep the wings level and just try to follow the coast, either north or south.

“We are trying to locate you.”

The light aircraft was seen flying off Boca Raton.

Such flights are common in the region and it is common to have only one pilot on board these planes.

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Mr Morgan, with over 20 years experience as an ATC, was made aware of the emergency during his lunch break.

A colleague rushed up to him and said, “There’s a passenger flying a plane that’s not a pilot, and the pilot is incapacitated, so they said you need to help them try to land the plane.

Although Mr. Morgan is also an experienced flight instructor, he has never flown this type of aircraft.

He added: “I said, ‘Okay, we’ll take you on a track. What do you see now? »

“He said he was just passing the shore near Boca.

“Before I knew it he was like, ‘I’m on the ground, how can I turn this thing off’?”

Miraculously, the passenger managed to bring the plane to a safe stop.

When it was all over, he and Mr Morgan kissed safely on the ground.

Speaking after the incident, Mr Morgan said of the passenger: ‘He told me he couldn’t wait to get home and hug his pregnant wife.

It remains unclear why the original Cessna pilot was incapacitated.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the person was suffering from a “possible medical condition”.

The agency is investigating the incident.

Mr Morgan, meanwhile, says he is happy to have helped – but does not see himself as a hero.

Speaking to CNN, Mr Mogran concluded: ‘In my eyes he was the hero.

“I was just doing my job.”