Aer Lingus flight canceled as passengers sit and wait on plane

This is the moment holidaymakers were shocked when their flight was canceled as they waited for the plane to take off.

Grace and two pals were hoping to fly from Dublin, Ireland to Gatwick Airport in the UK with Aer Lingus for a break when the nightmare unfolded – leaving the three friends in shock at their misfortune.

And friends captured the moment the unexpected announcement was made on board, The sun reports.

In a TikTok, a crew member can be heard explaining that some workers had no more hours than they were allowed to work – meaning the flight had to be cancelled.

She filmed the moment passengers learned they weren’t going anywhere because some crew members had exceeded the number of hours they were allowed to fly.

In the clip, they explain: “Some of my crew are out of hours.

“It is a legal maximum that they are allowed to work per day and it is regulated by the aviation authorities.

“As such, we have no choice now, but unfortunately I had to cancel the flight.

“There is an airlift coming to the gate at the moment, we will be opening the gates shortly, we ask that you take everything with you.”

Grace is heard saying “no”, as she realizes that she and her friends will not arrive at their destination as planned.

The video racked up over 1.3 million views on TikTok and garnered nearly 100,000 likes and over 1,300 comments.

Some viewers of the clip were unimpressed with the short notice given to hopeful travellers.

One person said: ‘Knowing hours in advance that they will have to cancel, why are they letting it go so far?

Others were sympathetic to the flight attendants, writing: ‘It must have been so difficult for the cabin crew. You can hear the sadness in the announcer’s voice.

Another agreed, saying: “Poor hard working crew with few staff. I know the feeling right now.

Someone else wrote: ‘Imagine the abuse they are going to suffer.

Another said: “It’s amazing how many people know absolutely nothing about the aviation industry and crew. The crew members are not robots and are there for your safety.

According to Civil Aviation Authority regulations, staff are not legally allowed to work more than 12 hours a day.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson told Sun Online: “Due to Air Traffic Control (ATC) restrictions at London Gatwick on Sunday 03 July, Aer Lingus has been forced to cancel return flight EI238/EI239, Dublin-London Gatwick-Dublin.

“Continued delays, caused by ATC restrictions, departing the Dublin flight resulted in the crew being ‘out of hours’.

“Passengers have been relocated to the next available flights and have been accommodated in hotels as needed. Aer Lingus would like to apologize to customers who have been affected.

Ryanair, British Airways, EasyJet and other airlines are all canceling flights, mostly at the last minute, leading to long queues at UK airports.

It’s a perfect storm of problems, including personnel problems, IT problems, runway works and air traffic restrictions.

Airlines and airports have hemorrhaged cash during the pandemic as Britons have been pushed back from holidaying abroad thanks to travel bans, the threat of quarantine or the government’s traffic light system constantly evolving.

This meant staff had to be made redundant, with many inevitably finding other careers from which they had no intention of returning.

For airports and airlines looking to recruit new staff, the process is more complicated than in a normal profession due to security concerns.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is republished with permission

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