A man attempted to bring a loaded gun onto a plane at the airport

There are always a lot of things on your mind when you are about to travel by plane. We have heard of numerous disruptions over the past two years involving unruly and uncontrollable passengers. Having a flight delayed or diverted because of someone’s poor choices can really suck. In this particular case, the passenger in question did not even take the flight to begin with. It was what he was allegedly wearing that alerted the authorities.

The Hour reports that the man was traveling from Westchester County Airport when he was arrested by Transportation Security Administration officials on Tuesday. As the man placed his items in the airport x-ray machine, an official noticed a .40 caliber handgun on the monitor. When reported, the Westchester County Sheriff’s Office responded and placed the suspect under arrest after being detained,

While few details are available at this time about the suspect or the situation, the Westchester County Federal Airport Security Director reminded the public in a statement:

I can assure you that the civil penalty will be costly. If you own a firearm, pack it properly for transport in checked baggage or leave it at home.

What can you take on the flight?

In this case, the handgun was loaded with 10 rounds, says TSA, So can you bring a gun on a flight? Officials say firearms can only be carried on planes if they are unloaded and packed in a locked case. The weapon, additional parts and any accompanying ammunition must also be declared as theft during the check-in process.

The Connecticut man will also face a federal financial civil penalty for bringing a firearm through an airport security checkpoint.

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