3 hospitalized after passenger plane fire at Miami International Airport

MIAMI, Florida. – A plane carrying 126 people caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport on Tuesday when the landing gear collapsed, although no serious injuries were reported, authorities said.

The fire was caused by the collapse of the landing gear on a Red Air flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, said Miami-Dade Aviation Department spokesman Greg Chin, in an email to The Associated Press.

The plane was carrying 126 people, and three of them were taken to hospital for minor injuries, he added. Other passengers were being bussed from the plane to the terminal.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue posted on Twitter that fire crews had the blaze under control and were mitigating fuel spills.

Television news footage showed the plane appeared to have come to rest in the grass next to a runway and the plane and an area around it were apparently sprayed with white firefighting chemicals. At least three fire engines were positioned nearby.

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The National Transportation Safety Board said a team would arrive at the airport by Wednesday to investigate the fire.

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